Booran Motors, AutoSettle Partnership

Melbourne, Victoria – Thursday 18th April, 2024

AutoSettle, the innovative Australian “autotech” startup and creator of the world’s first virtual settlement exchange for motor vehicles, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Booran Motors, one of Victoria’s largest and most esteemed dealership groups. This pivotal collaboration heralds a transformative era in vehicle transactions, characterised by enhanced efficiency, security, and customer convenience.

A Future-Focused Collaboration

With a storied heritage dating back to 1965, and an expansive network of dealership sites across Victoria, Booran Motors has consistently led the charge in delivering exceptional vehicle sales, service and parts to the Victorian market. Booran Motors’ proactive investment and collaborative efforts in shaping the AutoSettle platform underscore a shared dedication to pioneering better customer service solutions and eliminating fraud in the automotive sector.

“Partnering with AutoSettle, we’ll set new benchmarks in customer service and fraud prevention. This integration streamlines transactions and underlines our dedication to innovative tech solutions.”

Steve Cadden, Managing Director of Booran Motors.

Setting New Standards in Automotive Transactions

AutoSettle’s platform introduces an unprecedented level of transactional efficiency and security in the automotive industry, incorporating digital identity verification and enabling real-time settlements. This partnership will equip Booran Motors with a cutting-edge onboarding platform, to offer a superior customer experience, firmly positioning the dealership at the forefront of technological adoption in their market.

“AutoSettle’s alignment with Booran Motors accelerates our vision to revolutionise automotive sales, making them faster, more secure, and customer-centric”

Jason Van, CEO of AutoSettle.

A Unified Vision for the Future

The synergy between AutoSettle and Booran Motors reflects a mutual commitment to excellence and a forward-looking approach to addressing the dynamic needs of today’s automotive consumers. This partnership is a beacon of innovation, a new chapter in the automotive industry’s digital evolution.

“AutoSettle’s technology ensures we continue to lead the market in service and innovation, for seamless, secure vehicle transactions.”

Neil Heveren, Dealer Principal at Booran Motors, highlighted the significance of this partnership.

With this strategic alliance, AutoSettle and Booran Motors are poised to redefine the automotive industry, delivering state-of-the-art solutions that cater to the sophisticated demands of modern consumers, setting a new industry benchmark.

About Booran Motors

One of Victoria’s largest and most esteemed dealership groups since 1965, with an expansive dealer network across the state, Booran Motors has consistently led the charge in delivering exceptional vehicle sales, service and parts to the auto market.

About AutoSettle

AutoSettle is an Australian fintech startup, and the world’s first virtual settlement exchange for motor vehicles, offering a secure, instant, and seamless platform for buying and selling vehicles. With its innovative “autotech” approach, AutoSettle aims to transform the auto industry by automating manual processes, eliminating fraud, and establishing trust through digital identity verification.

Discover the future of vehicle transactions with AutoSettle and Booran Motors

This partnership marks the beginning of a new era in automotive sales, where efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction are paramount. For more information on how AutoSettle and Booran Motors are driving innovation in the industry, visit our website or contact us today.

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