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At AutoSettle, we are pioneering the world’s first virtual settlement exchange for motor vehicles, creating an opportunity for investors to join us at the cutting edge of fintech innovation.

Our mission is to revolutionise how vehicles are bought and sold, making transactions more secure, efficient, and transparent for millions of Australians and, eventually, for the world.

Our Journey So Far

Since our inception in July 2023, AutoSettle has rapidly progressed from a bold idea to a tangible solution poised to disrupt the automotive industry. We’ve secured pre-seed funding and garnered the support of significant players in the automotive and technology sectors, including a major vehicle dealer group and a national tech vendor.

Our partnerships with leading digital ID providers, data brokers and payment facilities lays the foundation for a platform that promises unparalleled security and convenience in vehicle transfers.

Investment Opportunity

AutoSettle is excited to announce that we are now seeking seed funding, offering investors a chance to be part of our early-stage journey. This round of funding will enable us to complete the development of our innovative platform, expand our market presence, and prep for global scaling.

Market Potential

The automotive market in Australia presents a lucrative opportunity, with more than 3 million vehicle transactions occurring each year, with potential revenue over $300m.

Australian Car Sales Jan 24

Globally, the market size expands exponentially, representing a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

Detailed market analysis and projections are available in our investor pack, which includes comprehensive data and graphics to illustrate the vast scope for growth and profitability.

Australian Car Sales Jan 24

Join Us

If you share our vision for transforming the automotive transaction space and are looking for an investment opportunity with significant growth potential, we invite you to complete the form here.

We will share our detailed Investor Pack, which outlines the strategic direction, financial projections, and the unique advantages of investing in AutoSettle.

Join us in driving the future of automotive transactions with AutoSettle.  We’re not just changing the market – we’re creating a new one.


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